Tension Reduction;  Stressful Thought Interruption 
SLL: Stop. Look, Listen
Stress produces sweat and the galvanic skin response is activated. GSR reflects your sweat glands activity and pore size, which is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. Stress and excitement produces chemical and physical changes throughout the body. GSR training can help you learn to decrease your stress by giving you an awareness of your internal state of mind and body by providing feedback
. SLL: is only effective if you catch arousal within 5 seconds. The computer detects early signs, and then signals you to Stop, Look Inside and Listen to yourself to make a decision: Do i need this much stress NOW?
Trauma  can trigger post-traumatic shifts in arousal, too..
PTSDManagement requires finding safe ways of discussing  the traumatic incident while reducing  reactivity and/or startle.

Biofeedback-monitored Progressive Imaginal Exposure Therapy  is self-paced.  briefly exploring imagery related to aspects of trauma - situations, persons, symptoms, etc .  We see how much arousal these produce, and discuss how to cope with them. 
We first train them in Thought-Arousal Interruption . See the SLL procedure on the left. .
With practice, the duration can be increased.  Skin Coductance [SC] and other measures of arousal are monitored to gauge the intensity and duration of arousal, and helps me make suggestions to ask what is happening and if they can cope a little longer..
*The first event [1] was repeated for a minute every 3 to 5 miutes. Arousal eventually decreased.
*A second stronger anxiety-provoking event [2] produced greater arousal, but also showed a decrease towards the end.