======= Handouts / Presentations / Articles======== STOP.LOOK.LISTEN : Thought Interruption ___________________ Handwarming Instructions - WV file Warm Hands - handout __________________________________ STRUCTURED EXPOSURE TRAINING GUIDELINES -doc ______________________________________________________ INSOMNIA Assessment & Diary INSOMNIA FACTS for Nurses - Powerpoint _______________________________ Panic Disorder Checklist _________________________________ ADDICTIONS: Exposure and Neuro Therapy (Kelly) Coping with Cravings* ___________________________________________ Neurofeedback and Parkinson's
This page links to forms and handouts that heve aided me in my work:
Body Awareness, A Mindfulness Meditation Minfulness of Breath Mindfulness of Temperature Sensations Mindfulness of Sound Mindfulness of Difficult Emotions Mindfulness of Thoughts, Feelings Sensations Thoughts on Leaves Meditation ___________________________________ Acknowledging Loving Kindness-text only Mindfulness Scripts in Word
RELAXATION SCRIPTS - WAV About Relaxation Training - not a relaxation script Autogenic Traning At A Beach Mountain Meadow Passive Muscle Relaxation-no squeezing ProgressiveMuscleRelaxation- squeeze-release Easy Breathing
Breathing Exercise Sound - midi version Breathing 30 min piano notes - WAV flie
Use these inventories, questionnaires and surveys to highlight in more detail common problems.
============ Downloadable Health Surveys - ======= GENERAL PROBLEM INTAKE - YOUR HISTORY & ISSUES *SPECIAL INTAKE - YOUR HISTORY & WORK SPECIFICS-* WORKSHEET- LIST YOUR PROBLEM EVENTS BY FREQUENCY __________________________________________________________ - Health Scan Inventory - 5 minutes -Cues for Tension And Relaxation Survey - For Relaxation - INSOMNIA I : Sleep Survey Schedule -Pain Complaints Survey Schedule -5 minutes - Social Anxiety Survey Questionaire - Drug and Alcohol Survey - for subtypes - How Assertive Are You? Questionaire - Couples Interaction Survey ________________________________________________________ - Eating Habits Questionaire -Vomiting Survey Schedule __________________________________________________________ - Panic Disorders Log - PTSD Paper _____________________________________________________________ LEARNING HOW TO IMAGE: -- IMAGERY SURVEY SCHEDULE WORKSHEET FOR CONSTRUCTINGA DESENSITIZATION HEIRARCHY __________________________________________________________