Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
While it is true that HR increases with exercise and stress, HR variability - the tendency of the heart to vary up and down with slowed breathing - tends to become suppressed.. When it is continually stressed, HRV gets de-conditioned and it becomes harder to recover normal HR variability.
Emotions and easy breathing patterns are very sensitive to changes in the up-down heart rhythm, the HRV. HRV measures the changes in the interval or distance between one beat of the heart and the next beat. The pattern that this produces is important because it affects every cell in your body with every heartbeat. When the pattern is smooth and cycles are regular, there is a balance between the sympathetic and the parasympathetic parts of the nervous system. With biofeedback, to help you detect these subtle changes,  you can learn to produce this balanced heart rhythm when desired.
Regular use of HRV has resulted in significant stress reduction, reduced ADD symptoms, improved chronic pain, reduced hyper tension, reduced heart arrythmias and even reduced soft-tissue pain. Students have improved on test taking performance and shown higher test scores as a result.
Tension Reduction:  Blood Pressure Training
This is a  take home  device to assist people in slowing their breath rate.
If used according to directions it is guaranteed to lower blood pressure.
Voluntary Warming via Hand Temperature Training for Raynauds, Classic Migraine, and Sleep Management
Temperature training helps people learn to relax so blood flow increases in their extremities (hands and feet).
This is especially good for those with Raynaud's Disease, Migraine Headaches and simple sleep disorders..
CAPNOTRAINER : Respiration Trainer
Learning Optimal Respiration for Asthma, Panic Episodes, Anxiety.

Using a non-invasive nose tube, we first measure your resting pCO2 levels, a basic physiological marker.Many symptoms that are associated with physical and mental disorders are often associated with improper breathing. Over breathing can result in "unexplained symptoms," acute and chronic effects of stress and other types of performance deficits. Over breathing is very common some surveys have found that 60% of ambulance runs in larger US cities are a consequence of symptoms caused by over breathing. Over breathing is the inability to maintain good body chemistry with an appropriate balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide (CO2). Learning to breath appropriately to balance the body's chemistry can significantly reduce many common symptoms.
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EMG Biofeedback
Here is an example of its use in mild Shoulder Pain
This client is learning how to fully release dysfunctional shoulder muscles affecting the  arm and wrist muscles.
Resperate (FDA approved breathing pacer) Specifically for Some Kinds of Hypertension.
Biofeedback Devices
Technology and miniturazation have expanded the use of biofeedback  into many areas of medicine, health and personal growth.
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